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means lower costs and better collaboration.

3 years

work on a modern
e-learning platform

6 years

making information systems
and custom apps

8 years

and consulting

10 years

creative activities,
such as videos

We offer comprehensive services for individuals and primarily small and medium-sized enterprises. We are engaged in several years of e-learning, consultations and workshops and individual implementation of services and tools. Our creative studio offers services in the field of video production and photography. Our developers create and develop websites and portals as well as mobile applications. We do everything with enthusiasm for digital technologies and with a distinctive approach to each client. We are a Microsoft Partner.

We create and manage projects since 16.10.2010

Our Projects

and digitalization

We implement new tools and licenses and provide support. We help increase productivity, use tools efficiently to save time and money.

Education for businesses
and individuals

Simply learn everything you need online. For school, work, yourself. Online education platform for businesses and individuals. Soft Skills and Hard Skills.

Creating websites
and applications

We will prepare a website or application for you from the beginning to the last dot. Simple websites, eshops, mobile apps, long-term web management, marketing

Creating videos
and photos

We will create both featured and animated video tailored to your needs. We will provide the necessary photo shoot, either directly into the video or separately. Live streams from events, conferences, ...

Long-term programs
and audits for companies

We perform quick analyses, complete audits and implement long-term tailor-made development programs of companies - consulting, coaching and setting changes...

Information systems
tailored for everyone

A simple and comprehensible information system that can be tailored to each company, comprehensible thanks to the unique functioning of a database / Excel.

Jednoduše a bez starostí
oblečení pro Vás

Neztrácejte čas nákupem oblečení, řešením výměny starých nebo poškozených kousků. Nastavte si, kolik čeho potřebujete a my Vám to obstaráme.

Rychlou a zdravou
stravu chce každý

Připravujeme projekt, který ji přinese i do Vašich kanceláří. Protože strava, wellbeing a zdraví je základem úspěchu, produktivity a více volného času...

Coming soon

We are preparing a new project, a service, simplifying one of the most needed segments.

Our Clients

Our Vision

Our vision is to help and expand competencies, digital transformation of individuals, teams, groups and organizations towards their technological self-sufficiency and independence.

Our Mission

Helping individuals and teams from the profit and non-profit sectors to acquire specific competencies and their appropriate combination to improve their work efficiency and productivity. This is done by streamlining services and processes that will save time and labor for the further training of employees in digital competences.

Our Values

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We believe in the transformative power of engaging many different perspectives. Personal potential for usefulness first! No matter what our level, role or function. Thanks to our creative environments where people can be more productive and flexible, we can design our amazing products and services for all human experiences and needs.

  • Empowerement

    We're giving our employees the tools and resources necessary to make confident decisions in the workplace and in working with and for our clients. We want to bring this strategy to as many people as possible from our clients or customers across our projects and brands. We know, that this way may be expensive and hard, but it is more and more important in today world.

  • Innovation & Digital Flexibility

    We believe technology can and should be helpful in the every aspects of our work, life and business. With our stunning flexibility and the right use of technology, we can do meaningful innovations to contribute not only for our own projects and products but also for our partners and clients in small and big steps.

  • Transparency & Sincerity

    Transparency is really important to us. In our internal stuff and in relationships with our clients too. Sincerity is the key to developing great teams and client-based relationships. So transparency and sincerity is one of the main aspects of our entire workflow which is more and more important with this more and more digitized world.

  • Accesibility

    Accessibility is important not only for access for persons with disabilities but also for everyone else for whom may be difficult to connect with us or use our services or projects. We extend our accessibility to the financial and social possibilities of potential partners. Because you never know what's going to happen next month, year or a decade.

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity starts by our internal work environment and process. It continues through our workflow, with apps we use and how we use them and reflects to all of our services and projects. At the end, it is nothing more than happy employee and satisfied customer who enjoy intuitive experience that we bring to him.